Math Scholarship Rewards Bring Students Online Education Program Success

Students from parts of the Caribbean and throughout the world might more easily move into careers that can enhance the natural environment and lead to advancements in healthcare and technology. Monster Worldwide, the global parent company for the employment site, announced scholarship winners in areas of Europe and Canada. The Society of Black Engineers has partnered with the investment bank Goldman Sachs’ charitable fund Goldman Sachs Gives to enhance partial scholarships extended by a Midwest technology institute to students in St. Lucia.

The scholarships are for the students to work toward science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, degrees. A diverse array of STEM degree programs are offered to traditional college, university and technical school students as well as distance learners, who participate in studies remotely. The St. Lucian, European and Canadian scholarship recipients are among those who, degrees in hand, might enter careers that the US Bureau of Labor anticipates are to see faster employment growth than others. Some STEM degree holders might develop network systems or computer software or to develop healthcare products and systems. There are also STEM careers that involve work in areas related to the environment, such as addressing issues related to climate change or working to secure drinking water supplies.

“Having well-qualified individuals in these disciplines to fill the career pipeline is critically important to the future not only of our country and our industry, but also of the world,” Monster Worldwide Corporate Philanthropy Vice President Lewis Karabatsos was quoted in a July announcement as saying. Calvin Phelps, National Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers noted that partnerships are what’s needed. “After seeing how hungry these students are for the education, it is truly a joy to help fulfill that dream,” Phelps was quoted in a separate announcement as saying.

The Society of Black Engineers and Monster Worldwide also award scholarships to American citizens who might pursue STEM degrees online or on campus. Traditional and online college, university and technical school students in America might also try for other scholarships intended specifically for STEM-related studies. Some science, math, technology and engineering scholarships might be geared especially to women and minorities, who tend to be underrepresented in STEM fields. Science, technology, math and engineering scholarships include:

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program: This scholarship program, named for the late US Senator Barry Goldwater, each year provides 300 sophomores or juniors pursuing careers in math, the natural sciences or engineering as much as $7,500. Scholarship money can be applied to tuition, fees, books, room and board. Candidates must be nominated by their institution. To be eligible, a student must maintain a “B” or equivalent grade point average and be in the upper quarter of his or her class.

Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math: Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math are intended for academically talented students with financial needs. These particular scholarships are administered through the financial aid offices of colleges, universities and technical schools that are granted National Science Foundation assistance to provide them. The scholarships are geared to students who want to work toward completing associate or bachelor’s degree programs in science and engineering disciplines and enter careers. Graduate students studying science and engineering are also eligible.

Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology: This research project competition is a signature program of the Siemens Foundation, which each year provides more than $7 million to support science, technology, engineering and math education initiatives. It’s administered by the College Board, allowing high school students to enter research projects individually or in teams for a chance at $1,000 to $100,000 in scholarship money. Regional winners move on to finals at the national level.

Many science, math, technology and engineering scholarship offerings require that institutions are accredited by a nationally recognized agency. By helping to make a college, university or technical school education more affordable, scholarships can help make campus and online degrees in STEM-related subject areas a reality for many students. With their STEM degree in hand, graduates of online distance learning programs might expect bright futures head.