An Excellent Way To Earn Your Humanities Degree Is Through Distance Learning Degree Programs

When trying to decide on what degree program to enroll in, many students have a hard time choosing a major. It may be that they just haven’t found anything that really grabs their interest, or perhaps they have many things that interest them. Either way, for students who are looking for something broad, they might […]

Career Fields Can Be Explored With The Education Earned Through Online Degree Program Offerings

Students in a new humanities program are getting free iPads. The honors program, offered at a Maryland university, is in digital cultures and creativity. While the tablet computers have been promised as part of the program’s launch, this same institution also ties the humanities with technology as part of courses in electronic literature and new […]

Exciting Career Arenas Of Personal Interaction In Diverse Industries Await Graduates Of Humanities Online Course Programs

Students who want to land jobs that can directly help others might consider a humanities degree. Through humanities studies at bricks and mortar and online colleges and universities, students might also gain feelings of personal enrichment and fulfillment. Humanities degree programs don’t typically include studies that are these days more popular – say, for instance, […]

Sociology Degrees From Accredited College Degree Programs Offer Cultural Skills To Students And Emerging Global Careers

While the humanities have suffered what a US Congressman calls a triple whammy, he sees value in these studies. James A. Leach was appointed by President Barack Obama last year to head the National Endowment for the Humanities. In a November/December issue of the agency’s Humanities magazine, he admitted that the economy, reduced government capacities […]

Online Distance Learning Programs Offer Grads An Entry Into Great Career Professions With Their Humanities Degrees

Many students trying to earn their online degree become frustrated with what majors lead to “successful” careers in the future. Their interests may not necessarily line up with the type of degree that has a guaranteed rate of accomplishment. Students may feel discouraged by what they feel is a scholastic career that will teach them […]

Career Fields Can Be Explored With The Skills Earned Through Distance Learning College Program Offerings

There’s a new honors program coming to a Maryland university this fall. Students who enroll in the humanities program have been promised free iPads as part of its launch. It’s known as digital cultures and creativity, and it comes to an institution where the humanities and technology are linked also in courses such as electronic […]

A Humanities Distance Degree Is An Asset to Students Seeking Employment

Humanities programs are under more stress these days because of the focus on technology and science. Some people may have the impression that a humanities degree isn’t viable in today’s job market. The truth of the matter is that a humanities degree is vitally important in a number of fields; in fact, many colleges consider […]