The Impact of Scholarship on Translation Read in a Portuguese Translated Books

One of the aspects that determine the expansion of translation in college curricula is to be attributed to the role of culture and arts in society. The end of the Cold War is one of the events that had a great impact on the world’s development. China’s economic growth, as it is pointed out in […]

The Impact of Theories on Translation Academia Read in a Korean Translated Books

One of the reasons for the rapid development of translation as a discipline is probably political and social change. The end of the Cold War is one of the events that had a great impact on the world’s development. China’s re-awakening, as it is said in the Chinese Translation of an article called “How China […]

A Chicago Japanese Translation Specialist Explores Scholarship in the Field of Translation Disciplines

Just as anthologies and encyclopedias impose translation studies as a discipline at the end of the 19th century, a similar pattern can be observed with textbooks. The end of the 20th century brings significant changes to the status as a wide range of new anthologies are published. Of special interest are to be discussed Pert […]

Obtaining Degrees Online

More people are taking global business degrees over the internet, but the majority still opts for conventional degrees. Both options have benefits and disadvantages and you need to weigh these pros and cons against each other to make a sensible choice. It is important that you know the most notable difference between the 2 options […]

Gap Year Course

Do you wonder what will happen to your academic plans if you take a gap year between high school and university? If you’re afraid you might lose educational momentum, you don’t necessarily need to worry about that. It’s fully possible to do course work that will contribute to your long-term academic program, so that once […]

Your Education

It isn’t surprising that many parents are less enthusiastic than their children about the growing prevalence of the “gap year.” That’s the year that students are increasingly choosing to take off between high school and some form of higher learning. Moms and dads are perhaps justifiably skeptical that their kids will actually go back to […]

The Value of Students Working Abroad

Heading straight to college or university after graduation is sometimes just too much for a recent high school student to contemplate after all those years, even decades, of uninterrupted school! But rather than just goof off for a year or two, many of them opt for working abroad. That way, they get their mental breather, […]

Gap Year Students

When looking at the increasing numbers of students who take a gap year between high school and post-secondary study, some people inevitably wonder if this delay is due to laziness and irresponsibility. What other reason could there be? Can these young people possibly have a good reason for taking time off, after being accepted by […]

Gap Year Schools

If a student wants to take a gap year, he or she can rest easy that they can go in several directions to find something that will fit their own preferences. Many ivory tower schools now accept the concept of the gap year, while others even promote it. And in fact, some colleges and universities […]

Your Career

People have begun to look fairly positively on the practice of young people taking a year or two off between high school and some level of higher education. Even universities have started to recognize the value of this gap year, and have begun making allowances for such students, letting them delay their entry even after […]